Online Counselling and Psychotherapy for Individuals

Online counselling and psychotherapy for adults and young people

My name is Bev Grigor, I am a BACP registered Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Play Therapist and currently provide psychotherapy and counselling exclusively online.

If you have been struggling recently and thinking about whether therapy might something you would like to try – it may have been suggested by a health professional or by a friend or family member – you are welcome to make contact me with me and I can offer a free 30 minute consultation to talk through what happens in therapy and what might be most suitable for you.

Beginning therapy can...

  • Allow you to form a therapeutic relationship with a skilled professional that is confidential and supportive
  • Provide a safe space to talk about your childhood experiences and to examine your inner world, work towards self-acceptance and self-understanding.
  • Provide a non-judgemental setting where you can examine your choices and think about how to make different choices and positive life changes.
  • Work through difficult emotions and experiences that continue to impair your day to day life.